PARCC Map to Technology Guides Version 1.0

PARCC Map to Technology Guides

PARCC has released new resources to assist with session and technology management.  Here is  PARCC’s ‘map’ to essential information regarding PearsonAccessnext, TestNav, and technology related tasks for the PARCC assessments:


Adding Students to Sessions:

Moving Students between Sessions:

Removing Students from Sessions:

PearsonAccessnext Checklist for Testing

Starting Test Sessions

Resuming Test Sessions

Printing Student Testing Tickets

Printing Seal Codes

Monitoring Student Progress

Personal Needs Profile (PNP)

Test Environment Setup: 

PARCC System Requirements

Desktops/Laptop Setup

Mobile Devices Setup (Chromebooks and iPads)

System Check Support

Installing Proctor Cache

Using Proctor Cache

Creating an Online Test Session:

Configure Response File Backup Locations –

Understand Proctor Caching –

Configure Proctor Caching Machine and Precache Content –

Manage Cached Content for Online Test Sessions –

Delete Previously Created Proctor Caching Configurations –

Technology Troubleshooting:

TestNav 8 Error Codes

Early Warning System (EWS) Triggers

SRF and Log Files

Resuming a Test (SRF Files and EWS Recovery)

System Check Error Messages


Managing Students in Test Sessions in Pearson Access Next (Adding, Deleting and Moving)

Closed Captioning Transcription:

Managing Students in Test Sessions in Pearson Access Next (Adding, Deleting and Moving)

“This is Melissa Torres at the Maryland State Department of Education.  This tutorial will be on Managing Students In Test Sessions in PearsonAccess Next, and specifically adding, deleting and moving students between sessions.  So go ahead and log in to Pearson Access Next.  As you can see I am logging into the training site, so that’s the brown side site. At the main screen make sure you are in the correct test window at the top.  If you are in the wrong test window click it and select the correct one.  At MSDE we have set up a demo environment so I am going to go ahead and choose one of our demo schools within the demo environment.  To control a test session, choose select task, and choose control students in session and start.  You can select the session you choose to work with by putting a name in the find sessions box or clicking the down arrow next to search to choose show all sessions.   You can then select the session you want to work with.  And then again select tasks, show students in sessions and control sessions and start.  You will see that your session has been added to the session list on the left.  To add students from the students in session window choose the check box next to add students to sessions and click start.  Go ahead and select your session again.  It will not populate that for you so you have to select it.  You can search by last name or you click the down arrow next to search to show all results and click start.  Select your session again.  It will not populate that for you so you have to select it. You can search by last name or you can click the down arrow next to search to show all results.  This might be the easiest way to find students who have not yet been added to sessions for that grade or content area. Select all the students you would like add to your session by checking the boxes or you can select the check box at the top to add all.  Scroll down, press the blue add button and you will see the green success bar saying that changes have been saved.  You know that your students have been added when you click exit tasks.  Then you can scroll down and see that your students have been added.  In order to remove students click the students that you wish to remove.  Go to the task bar, click remove students from sessions, start.  You have to select the students that you wish to remove.  Again just to confirm, click remove and exit tasks.  Confirm your process by viewing the green ‘success’ changes saved message.  And I see that some of my students aren’t there.  These students are active in sessions or marked complete. That is why they are still there.  To move students between sessions let’s go ahead and add students in again.  To move students to another session, first select the students that you wish to move and choose move students between sessions under select tasks and start.  From the move students between session screen you can select another session that already exists by clicking in the white area. Under sessions you can see that lab l is in your session or you can click the create button to your right and created a brand new session.  Fill in all your required fields including your organization, your test, your scheduled start date and hit create.  You will see that it does not automatically populate for you.  Your new session does not automatically populate so you will have to go ahead and select each student you will like to assign to that session.  So in this case I am going to select, and click move.  These two students were either in sessions, active or already have been marked complete.   When I try again, I see that these students have been added to their new session- a makeup math test.  They are ready to go.  Thank you.”