Preparing for the PARCC Infrastructure Trial

Most of Maryland’s 24 school districts will be participating in an infrastructure trial the week of February 2-6.

Review the PARCC Infrastructure Trial Guide With Your Team: parcc.pearson.com_resources_PARCC Infrastructure Readiness Guide (1)

What is an Infrastructure Trial?

An Infrastructure Trial is an opportunity for LEAs, schools, and students to prepare for the computer-based PARCC Test by simulating test-day network utilization. This will help to determine any school or LEA issues, and to confirm all testing devices are properly configured and ready to run PARCC assessments. The Infrastructure Trial also provides an opportunity to introduce students to the TestNav testing interface through the online test content. Unlike a live assessment, you will not use real student information; instead you will create sample students in the PearsonAccessnext Training site at Student responses are neither captured, nor saved when they interact with TestNav as part of the Infrastructure Trial process. This is a dress rehearsal to confirm that:

  • TestNav is configured correctly
  • Devices can successfully run TestNav
  • Network will bear the full load
  • Participating staff know what to do for PARCC computer-based assessment
  • Students are familiar with the computer-based tools and format

    Note: You will not be able to set up accommodations for students in the Training site for an Infrastructure Trial.

Where do I start?

The Infrastructure Trial is conducted using the PearsonAccessnext Training site at You should first check with your LEA to see if the Infrastructure Trial will be performed from a district or school level. Then, you will need to verify that all staff members participating in the trial have received user IDs and passwords for the PearsonAccessnext Training site with appropriate permissions assigned.

Refer to the for more information about technology requirements needed to support the PARCC Assessments, training materials, and support documentation:

The Infrastructure Trial should take approximately 60 minutes to administer.  Schools are encouraged to provide feedback on the Infrastructure Trial to LEAs. LEAs should contact the State PARCC Test Lead with feedback and/or concerns regarding software or hardware issues.