Students who are home-schooled are entitled to participate in PARCC  assessment  (either via paper or online).  The procedures for testing these students for PARCC are different than the other Maryland assessments.


Procedures to be followed at the school:

  1. A home-schooled student comes into a Maryland Public School to be tested and is assigned to a testing group by the STC.
  2. The STC completes a separate copy of: Home-Schooled Student Information Sheet for the PARCC Assessment (attached) for each content-area test being taken by the home-schooled student. The STC will provide the Test Examiner with the Home-School Information Sheet(s) for the home-schooled student.
  3. For online testing, the STC must register the student manually by entering the student information into the PearsonAccessnest  system.  The testing district and testing school will be the school where the testing is performed.  The responsible district will be 55 and the responsible school will be your local school system number (i.e., for Baltimore City – 0030.  The Test Examiner completes the Home School Information Sheet and returns it the STC.




When manually adding a home-schooled student to PearsonAccessnext, and  the student does not have a State identifier (SASID) or Local identifier, you may use your 2-digit local school system number, plus 4-digit local school number; plus the month and day of the student’s birth date.  For example;  John Doe comes into Allegany County, School 1234, and his date of birth is 02/22/2000.  Then the temporary ID for the SASID would be:

0112340222 – 10 digits


If twins come in, you may add a Letter at the end of one of the students, for example:


0112340222 – 10 digits

911234022–10 digits including one letter


If this temporary SASID and Local identifier are not accepted in PearsonAccessnext, you may continue to add a different letter at the end until the SASID is  accepted.  The website will not accept a duplicate temporary SASID.

Understand that these temporary identifiers (SASID and Local) MUST be used within PearsonAccessnext and the same identifiers used for both administrations (PBA and EOY).  It is important for the merging of the two tests

4. For paper testing, prepare a Test Booklet with the LEA55 student information. There are no generic ID labels for students.  The following information should be handwritten and bubbled in on the student’s Test Booklet cover: Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Student ID Number (if applicable), Grade Level, and Gender.

At the conclusion of paper testing, the Test Examiner clips Home-Schooled Student Information Sheet for the PARCC to the Test Booklet and forwards it to the STC.

5. The STC collect all the Home-Schooled Student Information Sheet for the PARCC for both the online and paper tests and makes copies for the school’s documentation and forwards these forms to the LAC.

6. After the test administration, the home-schooled student’s test materials are returned and processed along with the schools test materials.  Pearson will be sending the student score labels and any home reports to the LAC of the responsible district.

Procedures to be followed by the LAC at the Central Office:

  1. At the conclusion of testing, the LAC checks that all STCs in the district have submitted the completed Home-Schooled Student Information Sheet for each home-schooled student who tested on paper and online.
  2. Upon completion of scoring, student Home Reports and/or score labels will be sent to the LAC, who in turn will forward them to the address provided by the STC on the Home-Schooled Student Information Sheet.