Turning Chrome Vox Off Before Testing

Chrome Vox is an accessibility program within the Chrome operating system.  Students may have turned this feature on intentionally or accidentally while using the Chromebook for instructional purposes.  Chrome Vox reads everything on the screen to the user.  Unfortunately the TestNav App does not neutralize this feature.  This provides an accommodation that the students should not have during testing.

How to Identify the problem:  When the student boots the device using Kiosk mode, it will go directly to the TestNav log in screen.  If Chrome Vox is active, when the student clicks on the “Click To Test Audio”  button, instead of just playing a few notes of music, the device will say “Play Audio Test Button.”  Also when the student clicks on the Username field, the device will say “Your username with hint username. Edit text”.

To turn off Chrome Vox:  

TestNav will not allow another program to be activated, so you must maneuver out of the state login screen in order to turn this feature off.  To do so:

  1. Allow the device to boot into Kiosk mode and land on the Testnav site,

  2. Click on the Open User dropdown button in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Click on the “Choose a different customer” option.

  4. On the Select screen, press Cntrl+Alt+z.  This will turn off Chrome Vox.

  5. Now, click on the select your test pull down and choose Maryland.

  6. Click on the blue “Go to Customer Site” button.  This will return you to the Maryland TestNav sign in page, ready to test.

Note: When Chrome Vox is active. TestNav does not give an error.  It runs as it normally does except that it reads to the student.  It reads whatever is on the screen and clicked on and whatever the student types into fields. As an example, in the logon screen, when the student clicks in the username field it reads “Your username with hint username. Edit text.”  It will then read whatever is typed into this field.

Using Chromebooks with Training Center Practice Tests

The Chromebook app defaults TestNav to the Live testing site instead of the Training Center site.  To get to the Training Center TestNav site:
1) Boot up Chromebook, go lower left corner, click on Apps, Testnav.  The Testnav app will run.
2) Go to the upper right corner, click on the person icon, then “Choose a different customer”
3) Under Select your Test, choose PARCC Training, then click on “Go to Customer Site”.  You then can login with the student ticket info and run the test.

PARCC Tutorials ARE Fully Functional on Chromebooks

It turns out that this was a case of user error.  Here is Pearson’s response to our inquiry into Chromebooks supposedly not working with sample PARCC exams:

We were able to follow up with the user in regards to both problems listed and were able to resolve his issues. The Chromebooks were not allowing the proper URLs to go through the firewall/content filtering, which was preventing all needed content to load on the non-secure site. Once these were allowed, the “View Test Preparation” button appeared/worked correctly and the test content fully loaded for the Grade 05 ELA test. These guidelines can be found at https://support.assessment.pearson.com/display/TN/System+Requirements+-+TestNav+8.1(Firewall/Proxy Servers/Content Filtering).
Although the non-secure practice tests can be run with a browser on a Chromebook, it is my general recommendation to have the users test this on the Chromebook App through the PearsonAccess Next Training site (trng.pearsonaccess.com) as long as the user has the necessary credentials. However, with allowing the correct URLs either option should work fine.

Original Post:

This just in from another state.  The sample PARCC exams and tutorials are not fully functional on Chromebooks. The specifics are:

  • When trying to access the sample PARCC exams on a Chromebook from the PARCC websitehttp://parcc.pearson.com/# the button “View Test Preparation” does not work on the Chromebooks and therefore, our teachers and students that are using Chromebooks cannot access the sample exams. We were able to create a standard webpage with many links to each individual sample test as a work around. While this is not a critical issue for our school district this may be a major issue for others.
  • The pictures in the questions on the sample tests do not show up on the Chromebooks. For example, Language Arts, Grade 5, Section 1, Question 8. The picture appears on a laptop using the chrome web browser but the picture will not appear on a chromebook using the chrome web browser.


Pearson has been made aware of the issues and we are awaiting their response.

Has anyone in Maryland experienced these issues with Chromebooks?