Assessment Article Template (fill in for all tests)

Important Note: The information presented on this page is only a draft. We’re developing this website at this time, and this page should be considered “under construction” until further notice. Please check back later for more official information about this test.


XXX-Name of Test (like Maryland Integrated Science Assessment)


XXX-Subjects covered (like Science)


Grade levels

XXX-Grade levels of students who take the test (like 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, high school)

About the test

XXX-Brief description of the test, the testing sessions, question types that can be expected, etc. (use paragraph form)


XXX-Links to manuals for this test
coming soon (XXX-delete when completed)
Test Administration Manual
Examiner Manual

Training and documentation

XXX-Any training materials, practice tests, power points, info for parents and/or teachers
Practice test – coming
Practice test with accommodations – coming
PowerPoint presented at training
How the tests are scored
Reading the score report

Standards being assessed

XXX-delete Common Core and replace with the standards being assessed
Common Core – math
Common Core – English language arts

Accommodation information

XXX-Link to any accommodations information or manuals, guidelines, etc.
PARCC Accommodations Manual

Archive from prior years

XXX-Links to technical reports, statewide (report card) data, etc.
2015-16 results for Maryland: