MSAA Maryland state-specific policies

The following document regarding the Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) is published by the Maryland State Department of Education:

The contents of the document are as follows:

State MSAA Contacts

Marsie Torchon
Education Specialist – Alternate Assessments
Phone: (410) 767-2498

Nancy Schmitt
Assessment Specialist
Phone: (410) 767-0743

Ann Herrmann
Section Chief, Assessment
Phone: (410) 767-0086

State Policy on MSAA-related Topics

Testing Window

March 27–May 12, 2017

If inclement weather, safety threats, or technology problems affect a district’s or specific school’s testing schedule, the LAC should contact MSDE to discuss possible modifications to the testing window.

FOR LEA 24 SCHOOLS ONLY • Adhere to the Testing Window on the Special Placement Calendar.

Test Coordinator and Administrator Requirements

School Test Coordinators and Test Administrators must be certified education professionals including:

  • State-certified academic classroom teachers
  • Other state-certified teachers who teach in Special Education, Gifted and Talented, and EL programs
  • State-certified teachers in physical education, health, dance, art, family and consumer sciences, industrial arts, and technology education
  • State-certified guidance counselors, library media specialists, school psychologists, pupil personnel workers, and school administrators (other than the Principal)

Principals cannot serve as School Test Coordinators unless a “Request for a Waiver to the Eligibility Requirements for School Test Coordinator” has been submitted to and approved by MSDE.

Paraprofessionals and related service providers not certified by the MSDE are NOT eligible to serve as Test Administrators.

FOR LEA 24 SCHOOLS ONLY • Academic classroom, Special Education, Gifted and Talented, and EL teachers with conditional state certification or who are awaiting a response on certification from MSDE. State-Certified Social workers are inclusive.

Receive Materials

Test Administration Manuals (TAM) and Directions for Test Administrators (DTA) will be delivered to schools prior to the start of the test window.

State Loads Organizations

Loaded by State

Additional Orders Window—All Materials

The additional order window begins for each local school district when their initial orders arrive in schools and are inventoried.

LACs must approve all additional orders placed by schools in their district. Additional orders will not be processed until they are approved.

MSDE will require LACs to confirm unusually large additional orders before approval.

ALL additional orders will take 5 days from date of approval to arrive in schools.

States Load DTC Users

Loaded by State

Load Organization Participation Data File in

Loaded by State

State, DTC, or STC Load Student Registration Data

Data File loaded by LACs. STCs can complete individual student registrations as needed.

Return Materials

DTAs and Paper Test Materials with a barcode, received by the school, must be boxed and ready for one day UPS pick up on Friday May 19th, 2017.

Paper Version of Test

The DTAs will be shipped directly to the testing office at each school. Under limited conditions, the test administrator will need to print any paper-test books for students. The MSDE will not provide any paper test books for Year 2.

Note: Responses recorded in a paper test book must be transcribed into the online system and then paper books must be retained for 6 years.

Steps for Missing, Damaged and/or Contaminated Materials

Schools call the LAC immediately upon discovering missing, damaged and/or contaminated materials. The LAC contacts the state.

Training for Test Administrators

All test administrators must take the final quiz and pass with minimum score of 80% (the quiz can be taken multiple times if needed). This includes TAs who previously administered the MSAA. Live webinar training will take place approximately one week before the start of the testing window.

Test Security

The School Test Coordinator must call the LAC immediately upon discovering a testing irregularity/ security breach. The LAC determines whether the incident must be reported to MSDE immediately by contacting the State Test Security Officer, or whether the incident can be reported using the Testing Incident Report Form.

The School Test Coordinator submits all forms to report a Testing Irregularity or Security Breach to the LAC within two school days. The LAC submits the forms to the state along with the Testing Incident Report Form.

The LAC should contact MSDE immediately if a testing disruption occurs that may require a modification of the testing window or threatens a school’s ability to complete testing for any students.

Steps for Submitting Security Forms

Anyone administering the MSAA in Maryland must sign the Maryland State Non-Disclosure and Certification of Training forms. Anyone who has access to MSAA secure materials but does not administer the test must sign the Maryland State Non-Disclosure form only.

The signed security forms (electronic or paper)must be maintained by the district and/or the school for six years. The LAC may require a copy (either paper or electronic) of each form be submitted to the District office. Individuals may also maintain a copy of these forms for their records.

The School Test Coordinator completes forms including copies of sign-in sheets, training dates, and make-up training that indicate all staff involved in the testing has been trained.

Observation Policies

MSDE will send representatives to schools throughout the state to monitor and observe testing to ensure that standardized testing procedures are being followed. Schools will not be notified in advance of a monitor’s visit. All monitors will follow local procedures for reporting to the school’s main office and signing the school’s visitor log. Monitors will also sign a Maryland State Non-Disclosure Agreement form as requested by the school and provide a copy of a memorandum from the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Assessment, and Accountability giving authorization to monitor testing. LEAs that permit central office personnel to make observations during testing must train personnel involved on proper test security procedures and have all personnel sign a Maryland State Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Home Schooled and Home and Hospital Testing

Maryland Schools will follow the same procedures testing Home Schooled and Home and Hospital students for the MSAA as they do for the other Maryland state testing programs.

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