PARCC Note Reminder: TestNav Desktop Limitations

When is TestNav Desktop not supported?
TestNav Desktop has been adopted by nearly 95% of Windows and Mac OS X devices. Customers using TestNav Desktop no longer need to control pop-up blockers or Java updates; however, in some situations browser-based testing is still required. Review the three situations below:

  1. When a school is testing students using any type of Windows touchscreen device.
  2. When a school is testing using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution.
  3. When a student requires Assistive Technology to complete the PARCC Assessment
    • Please note that Assistive Technology does not include Accommodations or Accessibility Features like Text-to-Speech or American Sign-Language. Accommodations and Accessibility Features are supported with TestNav Desktop
    • For more information please review the PARCC Assistive Technology Guidelines located at under Technology Guidelines.

What is the impact?
In any of the above situations, a supported browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, or Safari must be used to complete the PARCC assessment. Schools who attempt to test with TestNav Desktop when it is not supported will experience a wide range of issues, some of the most frequent calls are listed below:

  • Students on Windows touchscreen devices will be unable to scroll ELA passages.
  • Students on VDI solutions may experience issues when students are attempting to watch videos in ELA tests, and graphics may not render completely.
  • Students requiring Assistive Technology will either be unable to access their Assistive Technology device/software, or a 3005 error message will appear when attempting to access their Assistive Technology.

Additional communication to schools and districts will be included in the upcoming PARCC Technology Bulletin.

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