PARCC Update – Submit Final Answers

(On March 20, PARCC released information related to a change in the TestNav program. Changes to the operation of TestNav took effect as of Saturday, March 21. Here’s the published notice:)

Pearson is preparing to release an update on Saturday, March 21, 2015 that will prevent students from being able to submit their test if they have unvisited units.

Why is this happening?

Pearson has received feedback from PARCC states that students have been submitting tests accidentally when testing out-of-order due to an absence or other circumstance.

What does this mean?

For example:

  • The Performance-Based Assessment is 3 units long and a student missed unit 1.
  • The student begins testing with unit 2.
  • The student continues testing with unit 3, but still needs to finish unit 1 on a make-up testing day.

In this example, the student will no longer be able to click the “Submit Final Answers” button at the end of their test. Instead, they will see the following message (outlined in dark blue):

This update will not affect students who have completed a portion of a unit. An entire unit must be unvisited for the notification to appear.

What do I need to do?

No actions are needed to accept the update. The online testing platform (TestNav) will automatically begin functioning as described after Pearson releases the update.

Notify your Test Administrators that if a student receives the message shown in this bulletin, and the student has completed the current unit of the test, then they should select the User icon in the top right corner of the test and choose “Logout of TestNav” and click the blue “Save and Return Later” button.

After successfully logging out, the Test Administrator can follow the PARCC Make-Up Testing Directions for Computer-Based to ensure the student completes the missing unit or units of the test.

Note: Test Administrators will still be able to mark a student complete in PearsonAccessnext even if the student has not visited all units of a test.

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