PARCC Map to Technology Guides Version 1.0

PARCC Map to Technology Guides

PARCC has released new resources to assist with session and technology management.  Here is  PARCC’s ‘map’ to essential information regarding PearsonAccessnext, TestNav, and technology related tasks for the PARCC assessments:


Adding Students to Sessions:

Moving Students between Sessions:

Removing Students from Sessions:

PearsonAccessnext Checklist for Testing

Starting Test Sessions

Resuming Test Sessions

Printing Student Testing Tickets

Printing Seal Codes

Monitoring Student Progress

Personal Needs Profile (PNP)

Test Environment Setup: 

PARCC System Requirements

Desktops/Laptop Setup

Mobile Devices Setup (Chromebooks and iPads)

System Check Support

Installing Proctor Cache

Using Proctor Cache

Creating an Online Test Session:

Configure Response File Backup Locations –

Understand Proctor Caching –

Configure Proctor Caching Machine and Precache Content –

Manage Cached Content for Online Test Sessions –

Delete Previously Created Proctor Caching Configurations –

Technology Troubleshooting:

TestNav 8 Error Codes

Early Warning System (EWS) Triggers

SRF and Log Files

Resuming a Test (SRF Files and EWS Recovery)

System Check Error Messages


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