Printing Student Test Tickets in Pearson Access Next

Closed Captioning Transcription:

Printing Student Test Tickets

“This is Melissa Torres at the Maryland State Department of Education.  This will be a short tutorial on Printing Student Students Test Tickets in Pearson Access Next.  Go ahead and sign into Pearson Access Next.  As you can see, I am signing into the Training Site which is the brown side site.  At the main screen make sure you are at the correct window at the top.  If you are in the wrong window, click it and select the correct one.  I’m using the demo environment that we have set up at MSDE.  So I am going to choose a demo school. Under testing, select sessions.  To control a test session choose ‘select tasks’ on the sessions screen.  Choose ‘show students in sessions’ and ‘controls sessions’. Then hit ‘start’.  You will see the session list fill the box to the left.  In this example just by typing the first letter of the session I know I wish to work in, a list will populate. Choose ‘download resources’ to select fill codes or student testing tickets.  You may select the green start button to start the session.  In this example, we are going to view and print the student testing tickets.  When you select student testing tickets you will see a screen like this appear in another tab.  Notice all the tickets are on the same screen and you can scroll down to the bottom of the page.  I am using Google Chrome.  We have heard from one county  that when using  Firefox, they have had difficulty printing student testing tickets.  So we recommend using Internet Explorer or Chrome.  To print the tickets one per page choose ‘file print preview’ from the browser tab in Internet Explorer.  Your browser will display the tickets as they will be printed.  In my case I am using Google Chrome so I am going to click ‘control P’. You will see that on my computer, I have it set up to print double-side,  three pages double sided here.  So that’s six pages.  Each student’s testing ticket is on a separate piece of paper.  Go ahead and click print.  Close the student testing window and you are all set.  Thank you very much.”


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