High School Math Question Formats on Online PARCC Tests

The video below describes some of the question formats that will be new on the PARCC tests this spring in high school math.

New technology-enhanced question formats demonstrated in this video include:

  • Fill in the blank
  • Plotting a linear function
  • Selecting a function to plot (e.g., exponential, logarithmic, sin/cos, tan/arctan, quadratic, absolute value, linear)
  • Solution set for linear programming problem
  • Inequality solution set on a number line
  • Bar graphs and hot spots
  • Video demonstration of angle bisector construction

Note: This video does not feature the equation editor, as that functionality has a video all by itself.

I can’t say enough to encourage you to encourage your students to try out the practice tests that PARCC and Pearson have made available to the public. The more comfortable students are with the test-taking environment (called TestNav 8), the better able they’ll be to perform on the tests based on their mastery of the material, not on how unfamiliar they are with the online test delivery software.

[[ The video above has been edited and was re-posted on Dec 11. ]]

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