Introducing the PARCC ELA online practice tests

Before students sit down and log in to a real test from PARCC this spring, they should become familiar with the online testing environment that will be used to deliver the tests to their computer screens.

The online testing application, developed by Pearson, is called TestNav 8. Pearson and PARCC have published practice tests for every grade in both math and English language arts. Since we don’t want students’ unfamiliarity with TestNav 8 (tools, features, etc.) to get in the way of them showing what they know about the subject matter, please have your students, and other members in your learning community, review the practice tests.

The questions on the practice tests aren’t actually the same questions that will appear on the PARCC operational tests that will be online beginning in March of 2015, but the format of the questions is similar to what students will see. In this demonstration video of one of the practice tests, which are available to the general public, I am using the grade 4 English language arts test to show students how to navigate the user interface, flag questions for review, and highlight text, among other things:

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